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Welcome to the

Boiler Room

Step into our "boiler room" and meet the team that brings you the best signature seafood boils around!

The Travers


We couldn't be more thrilled to announce that Pat and Lisa Traver of Montgomery County, PA will be bringing our signature seafood boils to yet another coastal state. Best of all (and fully in keeping with our own roots) Pat and Lisa's decision to bring Outer Banks Boil Company to New Jersey is fully steeped in family.

As Pat says, "Boils are FUN and the Jersey Shore is FUN! We just felt that Outer Banks Boil Company's product and feel really meshed with the Jersey Shore. People have been going to the Jersey Shore with their families for generations and the number of celebrations that happen at The Shore every year can't even be quantified. People love dining out on vacation but having the option of a Boil at home with family & friends will be an awesome addition. We think people at the Jersey Shore will embrace adding Outer Banks Boil Company nights to their "must do's" year after year!"

The staff in Ocean City truly makes all the magic happen, day in and day out. Our outstanding employees are a big reason why diners love coming back. To learn more about our fantastic team members you can click on their image below.

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